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3rd September 2015

Introducing One Day Online Review Class

We are extremely happy to introduce on line one day review class concept. After successfully launching of on line tutoring we were getting many requests from students about one day review course.

There are many students appearing in summer 2015 for PA1/PA2. For many of them this may be the last attempt available. Many of the students are located at a remote location and cannot get access to in person class. In view of the same we are now uploading these very useful videos for students across Canada and nearby countries. These will be very useful for the students who are very busy with the job and have limited availability of time for preparation for the exam.

We will email you the link along with user ID and PW after receipt of payment. Student can see the video twice and up untill the end of current session , login will expire after that. Cost will be $ 125 plus tax for either PA1 or PA2. Those who will buy both at the same time will get the same at $ 175 plus tax.

We welcome your valuable feedback for further improvement.

- Tutor

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